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2016-2017学年八年级下册人新目标版英语教案:Unit 4《Why don’t you talk to your parents》Period Ⅰ




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Unit4. why don’t you talk to your parents? period 1 SectionA1a-2d 【教学目标】 知识与技能 (1)熟练掌握下列词汇:Allow wrong guess although until deal (2)熟练掌握下列短语:too much, too many, look through, give back, so that (3)掌握下列句型:What’s wrong? I’m really tried because I studied until midnight last night. You could give him a ticket to a ball game. I think you should ask your parents for some money. Why don’t you talk to him about it? 过程与方法 情感、态度与价值观 遇到问题要主动地去和家人、朋友或亲近的人交流;如果遇到身边的人遇到问题,能主动提供帮助。 1.掌握个单词( allow, wrong, guess, deal, work out) 2.和朋友伙伴们谈论你的麻烦和问题。 难点: 1. Modal verbs could and should Why don’t you ……? 2.conjunctions until, so that and although 【导学过程】 一.新课预习 1.get enough sleep 2.hang out 3.get into a fight 4.after-school class 5. call up 6.it’s not a big deal 7.thank you for advice 二. 情景导入 1. 导入学生们平时在学校和生活中存在的问题。 T: What’s the matter/ What’s wrong? S: He has too much homework to do. T: Do he like to do it? S1:No, he doesn’t. Because he doesn’t have any free time to do things he likes. … . Look at these problems. Do you think they are serious or not? Ss discuss with their partners and give some advice. ① I have to study too much so I don’t get enough sleep. ② I have too much homework so I don’t have any free time to do things I like. ③ My parents don’t allow me to hang out with my friends. ④ I have too many after-school classes. ⑤ I got into a fight with my best friend. 三.合作探究 1. read the sentences in 1a again. know the meaning of the sentences. 2. Play the recording for the Ss to listen and circle the problems. Play the recording again. Check the answers with the Ss. 3. Let Ss read the conversation in the box. Use the information in 1a to make other conversations. Let some pairs act out their conversations. e.g. A: What’s wrong? B: I’m really tied because I studied until midnight last night. A: Why don’t you go to sleep earlier this evening? 4.Work on 2a: T: Peter has some problems. What advice does his friend give him? Fill in the blanks with could or should. Let Ss read the sentences in 2a. Play the recording for the Ss to listen and write the words in the blank. Play the recording again to check the answers. 5.Work on 2b: Let Ss read the sentences below. Explain some main sentences for the Ss. Make sure they know the meaning of each sentence. Play the recording for the Ss to write the letters (a-e) next to the advice in 2a. Play the recording again to check the answers. Answers: 1. d 2. e 3. a 4. c 5. b 6. Pair work 7. Role-play 2d 四.点拨总结 My parents don’t allow me to hang out with my friends. 我父母不允许我跟我的朋友们一起闲逛。 allow verb.允许;准许 allow: let sb do sth 允许 He is not allowed to stay out late. 他不可以在外待到很晚。 His parents won't _____ him ____ ____ out late.他的父母不会允许他在外待得很晚。 Smoking is not allowed in the hall. 大厅内不准吸烟。 We do not _____ smoking in the hall. 我们不准有人在大厅内吸烟。 I guess you could tell her to say sorry.我想你可以叫她道歉。 guess verb. 猜测;估计 I don't really know. I'm just guessing. 我并不知道,我只是猜测。 Can you guess his age? 你能猜出他的年龄吗? We can only _____ at her reasons for leaving.对她离去的原因我们只能猜测。 He _____ right/wrong .他猜对/错了。 ____ ____ _____where I've been? 你能猜出我去什么地方了吗? I guess想;以为 --Are you ready to go?--Yeah, I guess so . “你准备好出发了吗?”“是的,我想可以了。” --They aren't coming, then?--I guess not.’ “这么说,他们不来了?”“我想是吧。” ___ _____ (that) you'll be looking for a new job now.我想你现在要找新工作了吧。 He didn't see me, _____ _____.“我想他没看见我。” Although he is wrong, it’s not a big deal.尽管他错了,但是没有什么大不了的 deal noun. a good/great ~ much; a lot大量;很多 They spent a great deal of money.他们花了大量的钱。 I'm feeling a good deal better.我感觉好多了。 It took__ ____ _____ of time.这费了很多时间。 协议;(尤指)交易 to make a deal (with sb) (与某人)达成一笔交易 It's a deal! (= I agree to your terms) 就这么办吧! Listen. This is the____ (= this is what we have agreed and are going to do) . 听着,下面是我们达成的协议。 大事;要事 I felt the pressure on me, winning was such a big deal for the whole family. 我感觉到了压力,取胜对全家来说是如此重要。 It's no big deal.=It’s not __ ___ ____. 这没什么大不了的 辨析too much /much too/ too many a. You gave me too many cards. b.I have too much work to do. c.He works much too hard. too many只能同可数名词连用 too many films太多的电影; too many companies 太多的公司; too many problems 太多的问题 too much 与不可数名词连用 The project is taking too much time too much water 过多的水 或者做状语修饰动词 She laughs too much.她笑得太多了。eating too much and drinking too much.大吃大喝 I spend too much on clothes. They both talk too much. much too 修饰形容词或者副词 The baby skin is much too delicate.宝宝的皮肤太娇嫩了。 I can't reach the shelf - it's much too high. ( ) 1. Why don’t you ______ her a scarf? A. get B. to get C. getting D. gets ( ) 2. I think a watch is not ______ to get for my best friend. A. enough special B. special enough C. more enough special D. special enough more ( ) 3. It’s Mary’s birthday next week, we are ______ her a scarf. A. putting B. getting C. giving D. Making ( )4.I found a letter ____ on the floor when I came into the classroom. A. lying B. lay C. lies D. lie ( )5.–Look! Some people are running the red lights. – We should wait ___ others are breaking the rule. A. if B. although C. unless D. because ( )6.– A nice day, isn’t it? –Yes, _____ go for a picnic and relax ourselves? A. Would you like B. Why not C. What about D. why don’t ( )7.Why don’t you____ an English club to practice_____ English? A. to join; to speak C. join; speaking D. to join; speaking 填空 为什么你不跟你父母道歉呢?____ ____ _____ say sorry to your parents? 尽管太阳高照,却不很暖和。________the sun was shining it wasn't very ______. 我会一直等到他们来。 I'll wait ______ they arrive.  马上写信给他,使他能够及时了解情况Write to him at once ___ ____ he may know in time. 把你的旧衣服翻一翻,看看有没有可以送人的。Look ______ your old clothes and see if anything to give_____. You l____ happy. Maybe your team won. --Why didn’t you go to the party last night?—Because my parents didn’t a___ me to go out at night. 1. 2. 3. 加油 ,这些我还不懂: 1. 2. 3. 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com



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