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2016-2017学年八年级下册人新目标版英语教案:Unit 6《An old man tried to move the mountains》Period Ⅲ




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Unit6 An old man tried to move the mountains. Period3 Sectionb1a-1d 【教学目标】 知识与技能 (1)熟练掌握下列词汇:die, prince, fall in love with, fit, couldn’t stop doing sth., get married, so….that, as soon as, unless (2)熟练掌握下列短语:Tell me a story from Europe,keep everything for themselves,walk through the city, (3)掌握下列句型:This story is about a emperor who loved clothes. Two brothers came to the city to make special clothes for the emperor. 过程与方法 情感、态度与价值观 ew (Work on Grammar Focus) Story 1: An old man tried to move the mountains. T: Today, we are going to learn and practice story telling. Do you like stories? First, let’s review the two stories we learned in the last lesson. Now, story 1 … 三.合作探究 1. Lead in T: Do you like these three stories? Which is your favorite? Do you know the writers of these stories? Who do you think is the most famous story writer in the world? … 继续讲故事的主线,由教师提出以上3个问题,引出童话故事作家安徒生,适当拓展;自然引出本节听力部分的故事《皇帝的新装》,再进行新词呈现,顺利过渡到听力部分。 2. Work on 1a T: In order to understand the story well, let me introduce to you some new words. 1a部分的生词以及听力部分的生词,都一次性呈现在这个部分。 3. Work on 1b T: Well, are you ready for the listening practice? Listen and number the pictures in 1c. 按照课本步骤完成听力练习。 4. Work on 1c T:Now, listen again and fill in the blanks in 1c. 5. Work on 1d (Speaking) and Self-check 2/2 T: By now, I think you already know this story very well, right? Now, I want you to retell the story. You may start like this: (provide a beginning, e.g. Once upon a time …) T: Now, let’s retell the story together. (Fill in the blanks in Self Check 2.) 听完之后,要求学生复述,在朗读完听力材料之后,进行整体输出; 学生自由复述之后,可以根据Self Check 2的内容,全班集体复述。 四.点拨总结 1.turn off the shower while you are washing your hair. (P121)洗头的时候关掉淋浴。 (1)turn off表示“关掉”,用在关掉收音机,煤气,自来水等场合。与其相关的几个短语是turn on“打开”,turn down“关小”,turn up“开大”。 (2)句中while与when是同义词,都可以用从属连词,引导状语从句表示时间,意思都是“当(在)……的时候”,但二者之间是有区别的。 【链接】while与when的用法 ◎ when的含义是at or during the time that,既可用于指一点时间(从句的谓语动词需用终止性动词),也可用于指一段时间(从句的谓语动词用延续性动词),从句与主句里面的谓语动词所表示的动作或状态能同时发生,或一先一后发生。 ◎ while的含义是during the time that,只能用于指一段时间(从句的谓语动词必须是延续性的),从句与主句里面的谓语动词所表示的动作只能同时发生,不能一先一后发生。 While I was reading, my mother was washing clothes. 我读书时,妈妈在洗衣服。 2.. You have probably never heard of Amy Winterbourne. (P122) 你可能从来没有听说过Amy Winterbourne。 【知识归纳】hear, hear from, hear of与hear that clause的用法: (1)hear单独使用表示“听见”,“听到”,常用的结构有: ◎ hear sb/sth“听到某人或某物的声音”。 ◎ hear sb do sth“听到某人做某事”。 ◎ hear sb doing sth“听到某人正在做某事”。 特别提示 hear sb do sth指听到整个行动或整个事件;而hear sb doing sth是指听到了行动的一部分,有正在发生的意思。试比较: I heard the boy go down the stairs.我听到这个男孩走下楼去。 I heard the boy going down the stairs我听到这个男孩下楼的声音。 (2)hear from意为“收到……的信”;“得到……消息”。 特别提示hear from的宾语是表示人的名词或代词,而不是表示信件的名词。 (3)hear of意为“听说”,后面接名词,代词或动名词。 (4)hear接从句,是“听说”的意思。 3.. She is a most unusual woman. (P122)她是一个十分不寻常的女性。 【知识归纳】a most, the most与most的用法 (1)a most的用法。在“a most+形容词+名词”结构中,most是副词,意为“很,非常”,相当于very,用来修饰它后面的形容词,本句就是这一用法。 (2)the most 的用法 ◎在“the most+形容词+名词”结构中,most 是副词,表示程度,意为“最”,与其后的形容词一起构成形容词的最高级。 4.The walls are made from old glass bottles that are glued together. (P122)墙是由旧玻璃瓶粘在一起建成的,be made from/of意为“由……(原料)制成”,后面一般接物质名词。接from则表示某物品制成后,已看不出原材料是什么,原材料在制作过程中已起了化学变化;接of表示某物品制成后,仍可看得出原材料,其原料在制作过程中仅起了物理变化。 知识拓展 ◎ be made up of表示某物或某组织由一种种成分或一个个成员组成。 ◎ be made into意为“把……做成……”,主语在意义上为原材料,介词宾语在意义上为制成品。 ◎be made in意思是“在……(地点)制造”,介词in后接产地。 ◎be made by意思是“由……制造”,介词by后跟动作的执行者。 翻译下列短语: 1.在某人的空闲时间 2.关灯 3.停止做某事 4.不同意某人 5.由…制成 6.拆除_______7.照顾 8.过去经常做 9.喜欢做某事 10.看起来像 根据句意和首字母提示完成单词 1.R paper is very important to save trees. 2.We must save the e_______ animals. 3.That zoo is s_______ for animals to live in. 4.It’s our duty to protect the e_______and make our world more beautiful. 5.We should not p_______ the environment. 用所给单词的正确形式填空: 1.The old building(set up) yesterday. 2.Young people should speak to old________ (polite). 3.Most of the trash can________ (recycle) in the future. 4.Pandas are________ (endanger) animals. 5.There are many people________ (pick) up apples. 六.学习反思 开心 ,我学会了: 1. 2. 3. 加油 ,这些我还不懂: 1. 2. 3. 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com



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