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Unit8《Save Our World》教案4(冀教版八年级下)

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Unit 8 Save Our World 一. 教学内容: Unit 8 Save Our World Lesson 57~ Lesson 60   1. n. yard rubbish garbage bit a bit of pollution bag environment litre toilet sink tap metal plastic weight packaging percent cassette deck buzz power v. pick up throw away pollute take out leak waste fix recycle save sort mend tear(tore/ torn) must reuse touch repair adj. less reusable least leaky plastic adv. exactly   2. 语法 (1) (2)   3. 语言目标 (1)Can I help you? What can I do for you? (2)I don’t think(that)he will come.   . 重点、难点分析: 1. sunny adj,, a sunny day晴朗的日子 a sunny room阳光充足的房间 a sunny smile温和的微笑 The day was bright and sunny. 阳光灿烂的日子。 sun n. 太阳;;; The sun rose at six o’clock. 太阳六点钟升起。 sit in the sun 坐在阳光下   2. rubbish n. 垃圾,, 同义词:garbage rubbish collection rubbish pail 垃圾桶 garbage can/truck / household garbage 生活垃圾 literary garbage 无聊读物 表示“垃圾”的词: (1)trash n. : Can you take out the trash? ? (2)litter n. : Don’t throw about the litter. .   3. pick up捡起;, pick up a book捡起一本书 Let’s pick up the living room. 我们收拾一下卧室吧。 She just picked up and left. 她收拾了一下行李就走了。 pick 选择;; I picked a book to read. 我选了一本书读。 We picked apples(from the tree). () pick n. 选择;; Take your pick of these books. 你任意挑选这些书。 the pick of… ……的精华   4. pollution, n. 污染;; freshwater pollution淡水污染 food pollution食物/ information pollution信息污染 river pollution河流污染 noise pollution噪声污染 seawater pollution海水污染 pollution disease污染病 pollution of beaches海滩/ The men were cleaning all the pollution off the shore. 人们在清除海滩上的污染物。 air pollution大气污染 pollute vt. 弄脏;污染。如: All those waste products are polluting the river. 所有废弃物正在污染这条河。   5. explain (1)说明;阐明 Explain what this word means. 解释这个词的含义。 Will you please explain the third paragraph again for us? 请您把第三段再给我们解释一下好吗? (2)解释;辩解 Can you explain why you were late?你能解释一下你为什么迟到了吗? He explained how the machine was used. 他解释了一下怎样使用那台机器。 辨析:explaininterpret explain指“解释不明之事”,: He is explaining how a machine operates. interpret侧重于“用特殊的知识、信念、判断、了解或想像去阐明特别难懂的事物”。如: How do you interpret this poem? ?   6. get to (1)(,): I get to school at seven o’clock every day. 7点钟到校。 (2)get to do sth. : Stop talking and get to work. ,   7. clean up彻底清理; clean up the desk整理书桌 (1); The waiter hurried to clean up the pieces of the broken plates. 服务员赶紧把盘碟的碎片打扫干净。 (2)赚得 He really cleaned up at the football pools today. 他在今天的足球赌注中的确发了大财。 (3)clean. vClean your shoes before you enter the houses. 在进屋前请先把鞋子弄干净。 (4)clean n. 干净的;清洁的 That shirt is dirty;here is a clean one. 那件衬衣脏了,这里有件干净的。 Boys,are your hands clean?孩子们,你们的手干净吗? 比较:clean与cleanse都含“使干净”的意思。 clean是常用词,指“用各种方式将污垢、脏物等清除掉”。如:clean the window : She’s a bit/a little taller than me. (2)not a bit“一点也不”。如: I’m not a bit tired.   9. finish doing sth. 干完某事。如: finish reading 读完 finish writing 写完 常用的动词后加动词-ing形式的动词: (1)mind: Would you mind opening the door? ? (2)enjoy,……的乐趣。如: I enjoy reading. (3)practice: She practices playing the piano every day. (4)can’t/couldn’t help: She couldn’t help crying at the bad news.   10. on the ground在地上。如:lie on the ground 辨析:不同含义的“地” land陆地(指船或飞机着陆的地方);(耕作的)土地;(作为财产的)地皮。如: The ship landed. 轮船靠岸了。 rich farm land 肥沃的农田 ground(室外)地面,与floor(室内)地面相对;(运动)场地;植物生长的地方。如: In our school the ground is covered with grass. 我们学校的地面覆盖着草。 We sweep the floor of our classroom every day. 我们每天扫地。 earth地面;地球;土地,土壤;同soil。如: The space ship turned to the earth.   11. environment. 自然环境;; to prevent the pollution of the environment防止环境污染 home environment家庭环境 The children have a happy environment at school 孩子们在学校有一个快乐的环境。   12. throw away丢掉 throw away yesterday’s newspaper 扔掉昨天的报纸 throw vt. & vi. (变形:threw,thrown,throwing)扔,投,掷,抛 He threw the ball to me,and I caught it. Don’t throw away your old shoes, give them to me. 不要扔掉你的旧鞋子,给我吧。   13. encourage vt. 鼓励,激励,怂恿 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人(做某事) encourage a man to work better 鼓励一个人更好地工作 be encouraged by 受……鼓励/鼓舞   14. least 1ittle的最高级,反义词为most (1)adj. 最少的;最小的。如: the least money 最少的钱 the least number 最小的数 (2)adv. 最小;最少。如:Least talk,most work. 少说多干。 (3)n. 最少,最小,最少量。与the连用。如: Buy the one that costs the least. 买那个最便宜的。 (4)短语at least 至少,起码。如: You might at least be polite. not in the least=not at all I’m not in the least tired. 我一点儿也不累。   15. leak vi. & vt. 漏,: The roof leaks, it lets the rain come in. , (1)leaky: Students often fix leaky toilets and sinks. (2)leak out();(): You can’t use the water that leaks out.   16. waste (1)vt. ;,save。如:Don’t waste water. (2)n. (a)waste of:It’s a waste of time. 常用作复数,垃圾;污水;废弃物;废料。如:recycle wastes废物回收利用 (3)adj. 废弃的;毁坏的,无用的。如: waste water 废水 waste paper 废纸 waste land 荒地   17. take out拿出,取出,去掉,out为副词。有代词要放在out与take之间。 固定短语: take after 相似 take in 收留,() take back ; take for 当作; take off 脱掉() take on ;   18. walk around=walk about ……而走,, take sb. for a walk 带某人去散步;[]作弄某人; walk away from 从……走开 walk on 不停地走, walk into 走进 walk off () walk out 退席, walk up to 走近; walk out on sb. ();   19. sort vt. &vi. (out,over); Isortedthe booksinto bigones and small ones. 我把这些书整理成大的和小的两类。 sort n. (),,, A hammer is a sort of tool. 锤子是一种工具。 He’s a sort of people who’re incapable of deceiving you. 他是那种不会欺骗你的人。 This is the sort of thing that Geoffrey loves. 这正是杰弗里所喜欢的那种东西。   20. do with (1),,what构成特殊疑问句。如: What have you done with the eggs?   21. weight n. 重;;:a weight of 100 pounds 100 by weight 按重量计算 put on weight 增加体重 lose weight 减轻体重 over weight 过重, unweight 重量不足, weigh vt. 称……的重量。如:weigh apples weigh out 称出;:weigh out ten grammes of tea 10克茶叶   22. fix 修理 I asked the boy to fix the bicycle. 我请这个小伙子修自行车。 (1); to fix a picture on the wall 把画钉在墙上 He fixed a picture to the wall. 他把画贴在墙上。 (2)fix up;: He has fixed up sixteen old bikes. 16辆旧自行车。 mend 修补 Can you mend the hole in my shirt?你能补一下我衬衫上的洞吗? 改进; to mend one’s ways 改进某人的方法 辨析:mend,repairpatch mend是常用词,指“修补破损的简单日常用具,使之可再用”。如:mend a toy repair指“修理构造较复杂或损坏较严重的物体,使之再次完整”。如:to repair a buzz vi. &vt. 发出嗡嗡声;嘤嘤地叫(飞);嘁嘁喳喳地讲 The crowd buzzed with excitement. 群众很兴奋,嘁嘁喳喳地交头接耳。 Planes buzzed the crowd. 飞机低空掠过人群。   26. fit 合适, Your clothes fit well. 你的衣服很合身。 The trousers don’t fit him;they are too small. , The lid fits badly. 这个盖子盖不上了。 Her height fitted her for basketball. 她身材高大适合打篮球。 (1),;: You should take more exercise and keep fit.   27. exactly adv. 精确地; exactly true千真万确 We are not exactly driving fast. 我们并不真地开快车。 The train arrived at exactly 8 o’clock. 火车八点整到达。 Tell me exactly where Mary lives. 请确切地告诉我玛丽住在哪里。 —We need a drink 血我们应该喝酒。 —Exactly! Let’s have one. 说得对!让我们来喝一杯。   初中学习网-中国最大初中学习网站CzxxW.com | 我们负责传递知识!



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