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英语Unit5《Young Thomas Edison》课件(北京课改版八年级下)

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10. The light bulb was improved by Thomas Edison. Harry Potter was written by J.K.Rowling. Young Edison was taught by his mother at home. 【典型例题】 Ⅰ. 用所给动词的被动语态填空 1) English (teach) in our school. 2) The window (break) by Tom yesterday. 3) The birthday party (hold) next Monday. 4) The table (make) of wood. 5) The car (can put) here. 6) Photos (mustn’t take) here. 7) I (take) to Beijing by my father tomorrow. 本单元的重点知识: 1. 单词:熟练掌握本单元的单词的音、形、意 2. 词组: 1) be born 出生于 2) dream of 梦想 3) from an early age 从很小的时候 4) be excited about… 对……兴奋 5) be made into movies 被拍成了电影 6) thousands of 成千上万 7) different materials 不同的材料 8) encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 9) do experiments on the light bulb 在电灯泡上做试验的人 10) be used for doing sth. 被用于做某事 11) lay the foundation for 奠定基础 12) a wizard of invention 一个天才的发明家 13) teach sb. oneself 亲自教某人 14) be unhappy about… 对……不高兴 15) in order to do sth. 为了做某事 16) make money for 挣钱做…… 17) at the age of 15 在15岁时 18) see sb. doing sth. 看见某人在做某事 19) jump off the station platform 从站台跳下来 20)snatch sb. off… 把某人尽力抓离开…… 21) make his mind more active 使他的头脑更加活跃 22) call sb. sth. 称/叫某人…… 23) finish doing sth. 做完某事 24) offer to do sth. 提出做某事 25) pull out weeds 拔草 26) cut grass 割草 27) leave food for sb. 给某人留饭 28) hand out materials 分发材料 29) make sure 确信、确保 30) be made of 由……制造的 31) be consisted of… 由……组成的 32) up and down 上上下下 句子: 1) It took Edison a whole year to find a better material for the light bulb. 爱迪生用了一整年的时间找到一个更好的材料来做灯泡。 2) He was created by Walt Disney. 他是由Walt Disney创作的。 3) His inventions laid the foundation for the rapid development of technology in the 20th century. 他的发明为20世纪技术的快速发展奠定了基础。 4) He was called a wizard of invention. 他被称为发明天才。 5) He was so dreamy and quiet that a teacher once called stupid. 他上课老是不说话又心不在焉,以致于老师有一次说他笨。 6) In order to make money for books and for his scientific experiment. Thomas sold newspapers and candy on a train. 为了赚钱买书和做科学实验,托马斯在火车上卖报纸和糖果。 7) At the age of 15, he printed a newspaper of his own. 15岁的时候,他出版了自己的报纸。 8) How brave he was! 他真勇敢! 9) His mother was unhappy about this. 他的妈妈对这件事非常不满。 10) She took her son out of school and taught him herself. 她把她的儿子从学校里领了出来,并且自己教。 11) Tom saw a child playing on the tracks in the front of a train. 汤姆看到一个孩子正在铁道上玩儿,火车开过来了。 本讲重点知识讲解: 1. discover v. 发现,发觉 例如: He discovered electricity at the age of 14. 他14岁时发现了电。 discovery n. 发现,发觉 It is the discovery of a new chemical element. 它是一种新化学元素的发现。 2. invent v. 发明 例如: Edison invented many things when he was alive. inventor n. 发明者,发明家 Edison was a great inventor. invention n. 发明 There are many inventions in the world. 3. improve vt. 增进,改善,改良 例如: I want to improve my English. They want to improve the condition of their life. improvement n. 增进,改善,改良,改进措施 4. create vt. 创造,创作,创建 creation n. 创造,建立,作品,创造物 5. lay v. 放置,铺设 例如: lay a pen on the desk lay v. 产卵,下蛋 The hens don’t lay in winter. 6. Thomas was born in 1847 and was a very curious child. 托马斯出生在1847年,而且是个好奇心很强的孩子。 be born 出生于 例如: I was born in Beijing. She was born on September 10th, 1996. 【典型例题】 根据中英文提示完成下列各句: ① 昨天早晨他起的太晚了,结果上学迟到了。 Yesterday morning he got up he was late for school. ② 她跑的太快了,我们追不上她。 She ran , we couldn’t catch up with her. ③ 这道数学题太难了,我解不出来。 This math problem I can’t work it out. ④ 他们太穷了,买不起一辆新的汽车。 They are , they can’t buy a new car. ⑤ 昨天天气很冷,以致于爸爸妈妈都没有出去散步。 Yesterday it was neither father nor mother went out for a walk. 8. In order to make money for books and for his scientific experiments. Thomas sold newspapers and candy on a train. in order to do sth. 为了做某事 例如: In order to catch the early bus. Tom got up very early. She closed the window in order to keep the bird out. 9. Tom saw a child playing on the tracks in front of a train. see sb. doing sth. 看见某人在做某事 When mother got home, mother saw him playing computer games. 【典型例题】 ① I saw an old man across the road. I hurried to help him. A. walk B. walking C. walks D. to walk ② I saw Tom a little boy when I went past the shop. A. crying B. to cry C. cried D. cry ③ Yesterday I saw a young man money on the bus. A. steal B. stole C. was stealing D. stealing



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